New Research: The Knowledge Work Maturity Model

An industry-first research study to understand knowledge work maturity and the strategies it takes to unlock better business outcomes.

RESEARCH: The Knowledge Work Maturity ModelTM

In a rapidly evolving world, organizations crave predictability and the opportunity to influence and orchestrate better business outcomes from their high-value knowledge and highly-skilled people.

It takes process, culture and technology to develop an organization's approach to knowledge work and unlock the ultimate business outcome of collective intelligence.

What if you could create radical change through an actionable framework for an organization's approach to knowledge?

In an industry first, it is now possible to demonstrate through robust data modelling what contemporary knowledge work looks like and identify the business outcomes, plus the infrastructural and cultural markers that denote knowledge work maturity. 

Introducing the Knowledge Work Maturity ModelTM — a framework that will help you thrive amid significant shifts in the global economy and the expectations of the global workforce. Giving you confidence and predictability in how your organization is Making Knowledge Work.


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The study includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of

500,000+ global digital conversations

a survey of 2,000 global respondents

1-2-1 interviews with 29 subject matter experts

Research conducted in partnership with global B2B marketing agency Metia Group.