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The Knowledge Work Maturity Hub

Knowledge is the new currency

As a leading global knowledge work platform, we're witnessing the knowledge work industry evolve at a pace we've never experienced before. How can we ensure that we do more than just ride the wave, capitalizing on any opportunities this rapid evolution brings?

Regardless of the vertical you operate in, if you are actively involved in the professional production, analysis, interrogation, sharing, and commercial use of unique knowledge, you operate in the knowledge work economy and must act now.

Knowledge Work Maturity in numbers


The current Global Knowledge Work Maturity Index.

$382 Billion

The global knowledge management market was estimated at in 2020.


Knowledge work organizations strongly agree that they are currently optimizing technology to support knowledge work.

$13.8 Million

The average global knowledge work organization invested in knowledge work technologies during the last fiscal year.


Global knowledge work organizations agree that future success will come from a wider focus on people, resources, and process — not just the tools used to support knowledge work.


Knowledge work organizations believe that knowledge will be more important than ever in securing a strong future for their company.

The Knowledge Work Maturity Model

A framework for structured organizational progress

Our research goal:
To explore what contemporary knowledge work looks like and identify the business outcomes, infrastructural and cultural markers that denote knowledge work maturity.

Your opportunity:
The resulting Knowledge Work Maturity Model™ is a new industry benchmark that will help you thrive amid significant shifts in both the global economy and the expectations of the global workforce.

The ultimate business outcome:
Pursuing collective intelligence will unlock revenue, keep your employees happy and allow your Knowledge Work Organization to adapt and grow.


To request access to the modeler and generate your Knowledge Maturity status, please request access now.